Construction machinery/agricultural machinery bearings

The product research and development of special application projects is the pursuit of higher research and development capabilities of WWI bearings. From automotive 8AT gearboxes, new energy vehicle d

WWI Bearing has rich experience in transportation equipment such as bulk cargo conveyors, warehouse conveyors, whole piece conveyors, and various escalators and elevators. The low rotating speed of transportation equipment means high requirements for bearing rollers and raceways. The customized steel standards and heat treatment process of WWI Bearing provide you with professional bearing solutions.

Bulk conveyor is mostly used outdoors, requiring better sealing performance of bearings to effectively prevent dust pollution. Bearings also require the ability to withstand loads and impact loads, as well as an ultra-long life. Anrui bearings customize optimal solutions for you from bearing steel raw materials, heat treatment, bearing sealing structures, and grease.

Escalators and elevators have higher requirements for reliability, safety, and noise. WWI bearing makes it more stable and reliable to rotate.

WWI Bearing specializes in customizing agricultural machinery bearings, widely serving tractors, harvesters, balers, and tillage and seeding machines.

Strictly according to the customer's actual operating conditions, Anrui customizes various types of agricultural machinery bearings which are maintenance-free, easy to install, long life, corrosion resistant, and impact resistant. Matching the corresponding sealing form and bearing characteristics so as to ensure the best performance of bearing products. Anrui provides technical support and application guidance from product selection, on-site assembly guidance, bearing fault diagnosis, and other aspects to match more reliable products. From forging, turning, heat treatment, to grinding and assembly, we have first-class processing and testing capabilities. Provide reliable sexual pleasure application solutions for agricultural machinery, woodworking machinery, conveying machinery, food machinery, transmission machinery, engineering machinery, packaging machinery, and weaving machinery industries.

In order to better serve the agricultural machinery industry, Anrui has set up Anrui Holding Group LENT(Huangshan) Bearing Co., Ltd., dedicated to customizing professional agricultural machinery bearing and providing series of solutions.

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