Strive to conquer national industries and turn domestic nuclear power bearings - Anrui Holdings' "Special bearings for cooling fans of nuclear power control rod drive mechanisms" have succes


National spirit, Anrui sentiment. After experiencing countless hardships, spring finally arrived. The project of "Localization of Special Bearings for Cooling Fans of Nuclear Power Control Rod Drive Mechanism" is based on the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign new generation million kilowatt pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant engineering design and equipment manufacturing technology, China Nuclear Power re innovates, realizes localization, comprehensively grasps advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power technology, and cultivates localization capability, A decomposition supporting project with the ability to build Chinese brand nuclear power plants on a large scale and in batches. Originally, all bearings in this project relied on imports. Faced with the national demand for green new energy strategy, Anrui Holdings has overcome difficulties.

Anrui Holdings was born in the crisis, grew up in the crisis, and walked a path of innovative development throughout the crisis. In May 2012, Anrui Holdings and Harbin Institute of Technology signed the "Agreement on Joint Development of Bearing Surface Strengthening Technology" and the "Scientific Research Technology Contract" for ion implantation batch production equipment of bearing parts. They jointly successfully developed the production equipment for batch plasma strengthening treatment of bearing rings, and based on this, Declare and obtain four invention patents, including "a composite technology treatment method for ion implantation and precipitation of rolling bearing races and raceways".

From the initial conceptual design and sample design, research and development, manufacturing, and delivery of the special bearings for the cooling fan of the nuclear power control rod drive mechanism, to the signing of a formal sales contract in March this year to achieve commercialization, Anrui Holdings has been fighting for eight years, experiencing partial parts localization, and now comprehensive localization. By digesting and absorbing the main equipment of the AP1000, Anrui Holdings has mastered key technologies. Two bearing samples, ARKG66633118-2RSWHDFSLGN54 and ARKG66644118-2RSWHDFSLGN54, passed the test in 2013, far exceeding the customer's two-year maintenance free design requirements and have been submitted to the customer for use.

In 2017, led by the Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Power Industry, it organized multiple listed companies such as National Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd., Shandong Nuclear Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Shangfeng High tech Special Wind Industrial Co., Ltd., Nantong Datong Baofu Fan Co., Ltd., Wolong Electric Nanyang Explosion Protection Group Co., Ltd., Sinopec Lubricant Company, and Anrui Holdings, The CAP1400 control rod drive mechanism cooling fan supporting motor bearings comprehensive localization project promotion expert group has been officially established, jointly promoting the research and development, trial production of control rod drive mechanism cooling fan supporting motor special bearings. We have conducted in-depth research and development on new anti leakage sealing structure design and testing technology, radiation resistant, high temperature resistant lubricating grease technology, bearing parts selection and structural long life design technology, and wave shaped retainer long life design technology. All bearing materials have been verified through experiments, solving the bottleneck of relying on imports for key materials such as grease, fully achieving localization, and meeting the requirement of high reliability without maintenance for at least 24 months.

In this project, Anrui Holdings is the only designated bearing manufacturer in China, replacing products imported from international leading bearing enterprises, breaking the situation where nuclear power projects rely solely on imported bearings. The bearings in this project are equivalent to the "chip" of the cooling fan for the CAP1400 control rod drive mechanism. On March 18, 2020, a supply contract was signed with Wolong Electric Nanyang Explosion Protection Group Co., Ltd., marking a 100% localization rate of the cooling fan and motor for the driving mechanism, completely breaking the monopoly of multinational corporations and filling the gap in this technology field in China. This has huge economic and social benefits for China's nuclear power equipment localization energy strategy and green sustainable development strategy.

Anrui Holding * Mount Huangshan Mingmingde Group won the second prize of Anhui Science and Technology Award for the successful research and development of this project.

After the end of the eight year "Anti Japanese War" and fruitful results, Anrui Holdings will not forget its original intention, remember its mission, and continue to compose a Chinese anthem in the world's bearing industry!

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